jdoc statements are included in every Joomla template and indicate where the output from other parts of Joomla or its extensions should be positioned in the overall web page. A typical jdoc statement looks like this:

<jdoc:include type="component" />

See the jdoc statements article for more information.

An installable language extension that provides the option to view a Joomla site in a different language.

Language packs can be for the front or back end of the site. With Joomla!, language-files are stored within the folder languages, and within that directory for each language a subdirectory is created.

The default Joomla! layouts for menu items which use the Category Blog Layout. Blog format presents some or all of the articles in a particular category or sub-category. The standard presentation usually includes an article’s title as a link, followed by some introductory text and a Read More link.